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Disbursement of Paychecks- there has to be a better way!

  • 1.  Disbursement of Paychecks- there has to be a better way!

    Posted 03-10-2016 13:21

    We are a GC that runs two payrolls; 1) a non-union Admin PR for 100 employees, bi-weekly, that is almost 100% electronic and 2) a weekly union PR for about 300 employees that is about 1/3 electronic and 2/3 old school paper checks. This means that annually we print, manually sign, stuff envelopes, sort and deliver to job sites around 10,400 payroll checks. Additionally, a number of field staff don't have company email accounts so we print a paper electronic check stub and deliver it as well so we don't really get the full benefit of field electronic payments.

    The issue is with the paper checks and electronic payment stubs. After we print, sign and stuff, we deliver them to the individual job sites for disbursement to the employees. We receive a list of where the employees are going to be on check day and the checks are sorted by project site for delivery. Last minute changes in location are also taken into account via email. 

    Other than the obvious- motivating the employees to get electronic payments and let us sent the check stub to a valid personal email account, how can we distribute the checks more efficiently? Currently, stuffing and sorting is taking up about 10-15% of my Payroll Manager's time each week.

    Things that might help:

    -purchase a machine to fold and stuff envelopes? Anyone have one that works well? 

    I welcome other suggestions.


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